List of awards

The Best Reviewer Awards

Robert Aamor
Tore Haugen
Bob Giddings

The Best Paper Awards

"Knowledge Gaps in the Construction Industry to Increase Societal Resilience: A Local and National Government Perspective"
Chamindi Malalgoda, Dilanthi Amaratunga, Kaushal Keraminiyage and Richard Haigh

"Bus Transportation Accessibility – Does It Impact Housing Values?"
Antti Kurvinen and Jaakko Sorri

"Virtual Reality Headsets for Immersive 3D Environment: Investigating Applications in Construction Jobsite Organization"
Congwen Kan and Salman Azhar

"Changing Construction: Perspectives on Knowledge and Learning"
Kim Haugbølle

"Using institutional theory to understand occupational safety and health practices in smaller construction firms in the UK"
James Pinder, Alistair Gibb and Andy Dainty

"Co-production of energy use and carbon emission reductions in building environmental assessment"
Long Chen and Wei Pan

"Contradictions Of Interests In Early Phase Of Real Estate Projects - What Adds Value For Owners And Users?"
Marit Støre-Valen, Knut Boge and Margrethe Foss