Welcome to the 20th
CIB World Building Congress 2016

The International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) together with the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) and the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) are pleased to announce the World Building Congress 2016 that will be held May 30 – June 3, 2016 in Tampere Finland.

The theme for CIB World Building Congress 2016 is "Intelligent built environment for life”. It highlights the importance of build environment and its development to the society. This triennial congress will focus on the intelligent processes, products and services of construction industry: How can research help to improve the contribution of constructed assets to digitalizing world and service needs? How will the research community meet emerging new needs of the users?

       “Over the five days of the congress
           the best of all building and
           construction experts in the world
           are brought together.”

The CIB World Building Congress has for several decades been the leading world conference on construction research and innovation. Academics,researchers, students, professionals, government officials, policy makers, practitioners, community groups, and NGOs are invited to report on their research related to multi-disciplinary perspectives of how build environment can be made more sustainable, smart, safe and resilient. The topics covered during the session will include examples of design, planning, construction or process adaptations that have been undertaken to address the theme ‘intelligent build environment ’ and smart cities.  

Over the five days of the congress the best of all building and construction experts in the world, both in and outside the CIB community, are brought together through professional and academic papers, presentations of best practices or significant case studies, posters, training materials, product presentations, round tables, special sessions and workshops.

At the same time digitalization continues to transform the industry and the education of students, professionals and researchers alike. Professional and

social networks are dramatically changing existing communication patterns and information sharing paradigms in the way we live, practice,

conduct research, and educate students in the domain of construction engineering and management and beyond. As a reflection of current integrated practice and project delivery, these technologies are also allowing for better communication among construction owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, subcontractors, consultants, and facility managers. 

In addition to the signature tracks traditionally offered by previous WBCs, this Congress will be incorporating new tracks that reflect some of the emerging integrated practices such as innovative project delivery systems, building information modelling, interactive information systems, integrated facility and program management, sustainability-conscious architecture and building performance.

In conjunction with this Congress will be organized the CIB's Triennial General Assembly and CIB's Global Coordinators' Meeting. Also the majority of the CIB Commissions will schedule their annual meeting for the respective year adjacent to the Congress. In addition to outstanding sessions, technical tours, and committee meetings, this Congress will offer opportunities to network and become involved through exhibits, sponsorships, networking events, student and international activities.

I want to also say Welcome to Finland and Tampere! Tampere is a city shaped by its rich industrial heritage and unparalleled Finnish hospitality, delicious cuisine and comfortable weather (in early June the average high is 20 degrees Celsius). Tampere is easy to reach by plane, train or car.

On behalf of the organizers I’ll invite you to Finland and to the CIB World Building Congress 2016.

Your conference chair,

Ms Helena Soimakallio, M.Sc. (CE), Aff. M.ASCE
2016 WBC Conference Organizing Committee Chair