Hotel accommodation can be booked in several nearby hotels in Tampere. You can see the location of the hotels here.

We recommend early bookings to guarantee hotel accommodation of your choice.

The hotel deposit to be paid in advance is in most cases for one night, however, any variations in this issue are mentioned separately on the booking site of each hotel.

For general questions regarding the congress hotels please contact either the hotel of your choice or the congress office (

Map of the hotels

  • 2 - Cumulus Koskikatu
  • 3 - Cumulus Pinja
  • 5 - Holiday Inn Tampere Central Station
  • 6 - Lapland Hotel Tampere*
  • 8 - Original Sokos Hotel Ilves*
  • 9 - Original Sokos Hotel Villa*
  • 12 - Scandic Tampere City*
  • 13 - Scandic Tampere Station*
  • 14 - Solo Sokos Hotel Tammer
  • 15 - Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere*
  • 16 - Dream Hostel & Hotel*
  • 21 - Omena Hotel Tampere II

* official congress hotel (prices listed below)

Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere

Sokos Hotel Villa

Sokos Hotel Ilves

Scandic Hotel Tampere Station

Scandic Hotel Tampere City

Lapland Hotel Tampere

Dream Hostel Tampere

Holiday Inn Tampere Central Station