World Building Congress 2016 program will include several different workshops and seminars organized by CIB working and task groups and other co-operating partners. Participation to these workshops require registration to the congress (unless stated otherwise).

Monday May 30

CREON PhD workshop in Construction Management
Time:  1.30 pm
Location: Sonaatti 1
Registration to PhD workshop can be done via this link
Topic: What kind of research are you doing?
Availability: limited to 50 participants, based on time of registration.
Price: Free of charge
Contact:  Nils Olsson, Stephen Fox


- Welcome
- Each participant gives a two minutes summary of their PhD research
- Scientific research presentation.
- Examples of formulating and testing conceptual frameworks, research questions, propositions, and hypotheses.
- Wrap up.

The workshop is intended for PhD students in construction management and related fields, and others who have ongoing research they want to discuss. The workshop is organized by CREON and the CIB World Building Congress 2016. CREON is a network of Construction Researchers on Economics and Organisation in the Nordic region. Note that the workshop is by no means limited to participants or topics related to the Nordic countries. All construction management researches are welcome.

Link to CREON web-site:


TG 87 & RU joint meeting Time: 1.30 pm- 4.30 pm
Location: RIffi
Contact: Pinchao Liao,

You are cordially invited to participate round table discussion organized by the RU priority theme / TG87 meeting: "Towards resilient urbanization". The roundtable discussion will focus on introduction about the vision of RU priority theme and discussions for potential engagement of various research efforts. TG87, being the core task group of RU Priority Theme, will focus on development strategies for the RU Priority Theme. Tentative Agenda is demonstrated as follows.

Priority Theme: resilient urbanization

a) 13:30-13:40 Self- Introduction
b) 13:40-14:10 Introduction of the theme: Vision, goals, Roadmap
c) 14:10-15:10 Presentations from 3 WCs or TGs, including clarification and discussions
d) 15:10-15:30 Expectations to the theme (what YOU can get from this theme); Contributions to the theme: What YOU can contribute to the theme

TG87: Urban Resilience: Benchmarking and Metrics
a) 15:30-16:00 Roadmap intro. , current development
b) 16:00-16:30 Mapping Expectations and contributions: Strategic planning for the theme: How can we align expectations and goals with roadmap? How can we adjust the roadmap of TG87?

If you are interested in participate either personally or remotely, please contact Pin-Chao via email: