Friday June 3rd

CIB WBC 2016: Research Roadmaps Summary Sessions on Friday June 3

Session 1: 09:00 – 10:30
Session 2: 11:00 – 12:30

Session Convenor: Dr Wim Bakens, CIB Secretary General

Downloadable new CIB Research Roadmap Publications

These sessions provide a quick overview of the various Research Roadmaps as already develop or in the process of being developed by CIB Commissions and Priority Themes.

Such roadmaps are especially important for people in both academia, in the Industry and in government with an interest in strategic directions for research and innovation for building and construction.

Presentations per roadmap will take 10 minutes and will include indications of:

Session 1 – detailed program

1 Kim Haugbolle (W118): Client and Users in Construction
2 Mohammed Arif (former TG74, now W121): New Production and Business Models in Construction
3 Abdol Chini (W115): Construction Materials Stewardship
4 Keith Jones (W070) Facilities Management and Maintenance
5 Geir Karsten Hansen (W111): Usability of Workplaces
6 Akintolo Akintoye (TG72): Public Private Partnership
7 Les Ruddock (W055): Construction Industry Economics

Session 2 – detailed program

8 Derek Clements-Croome (W098): Intelligent Buildings
9 Bob Giddings (W096): Architectural Management
10 Mel Lees / Richard Burt (W089 – video presentation): Education in the Built Environment
11 Edwin Chan (TG79): Climate Change and Building Regulations
12 Hans Wamelink (W065): Organisation and Management of Construction
13 Miimu Airaksinen (TG88): Smart Cities
14 Michael Behm (W099): Safety and Health in Construction
15 Dean Kashiwagi (W117): Performance Measurement and the Value Concept