Side & post events

Wednesday, June 1

Transport Research Finland 2016
Location: Maestro, Tampere hall
Open to invitees and WBC 16 participants

Digitalisation, automatisation and mobility as a service transform the needs for transportation infrastructure in unprecedented ways. Yet physical infrastructures will still be the necessary platform for the intelligent systems to function and develop. In order to get the best out of both worlds, ambitious and persistent RDI is required.

Transport Research Finland 2016 brings together the top researchers and practitioners in Finland to discuss the state of the art and to take a look into the future of R&D. This is the unique event to get a comprehensive view to the transportation infrastructure of tomorrow! The event is open to the pre-registered participants invited by organisers: Finnish Road Association, Finnish Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Thursday, June 2

AEC CEO Forum Finland 2016
Location: Duetto 2, Tampere Hall
Open to invitees and WBC 16 participants

Climate change, urbanization and digitalization transform the needs for built environment all over the world in unprecedented ways. Until now, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry has played a somewhat walk-on role in the development of societies, nations and the humankind. 21st century challenges the sector with unforeseen problems and limitless possibilities. It's time for the industry to connect its dots - and search and apply the integrated solutions for the benefit of future cities and the globe.

AEC CEO Forum Finland 2016 brings together the leading global researchers and theFinnish practitioners from their boardrooms to take a look into the complex yet irresistibly interesting future. This is the unique event to get a comprehensive view to the built environment of tomorrow! The event is open for CEO Forum Day Pass participants and CIB Full Member CEOs.

Thursday, June 2

Business Opportunities in Light Vehicles

Alongside its partners, Tekes will organise an event – exploring the business opportunities offered by light vehicles – in Tampere on 2 June. The aim of the event is to kick off projects for developing the sector. Company representatives, municipal decision-makers and traffic planners are particularly welcome to attend.

The light traffic sector is growing fast around the world. For example, the cycling sector employs 650,000 people in the EU area (more than the mining industry), while a quarter of new bikes in the Netherlands are electric and 10% of tourism revenue in Germany is already based on bike tourism.

How might Finland take advantage of this booming new sector? How can we foster the emergence and growth of the business?

Programme at a glance:

The event aims to create networks and discussion that lead to projects for developing the sector.

Click here for further details on the programme and registration

The event will be organised under Tekes' Witty City programme and forms part of the CIB World Building Congress 2016.

Friday - Sunday, June 3-5

AEC Hackathon
Location Helsinki

Construction industry professionals and new technology developers are invited to join the second AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Hackathon in Finland. During the weekend of June 3-5 cutting edge technologies like BIM, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), GIS tools, datasets and IoT (internet of things) sensors are used for making new solutions. Hack teams are invited to solve the challenges together with people designing, building, and maintaining our built environment.

The industry needs new bright talents to solve the challenges and help companies to adopt the new technologies. AEC Hackathon originates from the USA and has been hugely successful – now it’s time to continue building the community in Finland and globally. Join the Facebook event for the latest information here  and register here! More information: Local Organizer Teemu Lehtinen, teemu.lehtinen (at), +358 50 585 0079.